Week 12: A Beautiful Generation

A beautiful Generation brings up valid points when considering the presence and uprise of Asian fashion designers. The reoccuring theme that I realized was nationalism, something we all have become very familiar with in the past couple of weeks. Fashion was once considered a non influential factor in the Asian culture; The focus always being placed on modernity and technology.  But in the recent years, the works of Asian and Asian American fashion designers have been more in the limelight, finally being noticed for their sense of chic and savy “artwork”. Fashion design has also became a top industry and economic profit in Asia itself. This all makes perfect sense because what is fashion other than staying “modern” and up to date with the choices of clothing you decide to put on each morning.  With that being said have Asian designers gone as far as they will go and will they ever be considered on the same playing field as the French designers who have easily taken over the American market? How many Asian American designers can  you name off hand?  As for myself, the most common designer that comes to mind is Alexander Wang. He obviously isn’t the only designer that has been able to internationalize his work in both America and Asia so why is it that so many Asian designers still go unnoticed?

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3 thoughts on “Week 12: A Beautiful Generation

  1. In response to your questions, I do not think that Asian Americans have not reached their end in the fashion industry. As stated in My Beautiful Generation, Asian Americans are actually a growing force in the industry that will continue. Designers such as Alexander Wang I would consider as being as prestigious as European designers already. I think that the reason that Asian American designers often go unnoticed, as stated in My Beautiful Generation, has to do with the way in which Asian Americans access the industry. This was discussed on pg. 35 about factors that lowered, the “barrier of entry” for Asian Americans. One of these ways was Asian Americans taking advantage of “botiquefication” as a way of launching their clothing lines.

  2. I think that a lot of Asian American designers are considered to be competitors to the French designers that used to control the entire fashion market. The reason a lot of Asian American designers probably go unnoticed is because we are so used to our fashion and new trends coming from European countries. I don’t think that Asian Americans have reached their end at all, they are still progressing. For example, I continue to hear Vera Wang’s name in the dresses chosen by celebrities.

    The article below hits on a lot of the issues that we discussed in class. For example the rise in Asian designers and the fact that a lot of these designers came from families that were in the garment industry.The article compares this to the rise of Jewish designers in the 1980s and attributing this back to the fact that their families were involved in the garment industry. This article proves that fact that Asian designers are here to stay and more and more are coming in internationally to try to establish themselves as fashion designers. The fact that the New York Times would write an article about this as recently as September of 2010 makes me think that more and more people are starting to recognize Asian American designers’ power and are interested in it. This also makes me think that this trend is just as the beginning and the amount of Asian American designers that are in the fashion industry will continue to increase.


  3. I also do not believe Asian and Asian-American designers have reached their full potential yet in the Western market. While I can only think of one -Vera Wang- her name has been everywhere in recent years. Her dresses are very popular among big name stars and she is getting a lot of exposure. While there are many Asian designers in the industry I feel that they do not get the exposure they deserve and I think it goes back to who’s opinion matters. Unfortunately, I think the voice that often gets authenticated is that of white or European because they hold the power in the industry. France has a deep-rooted history of designers and fashion success. This leaves little room for minorities to gain access to the exposure they need to make a name for themselves and become a well-known name in the industry.

    However now that I think a little more on it, I feel this is almost true for every independent designer out there. Unless your brand is well-known or the designer deeply rooted in the fashion industry, no one knows who is behind an article of clothing. There are so many labels that often they can be looked over especially when not in high-end boutiques. At this point, it is not about who is making and designing the clothes but rather just how the clothes look and if we like them.

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