Response to G’s to Gents

I feel the reality show from G’s to Gents is an example of how those in society try to police the clothing of others that are viewed as a threat.  The men on this show were trying to better themselves.  The show stresses that inorder to become a complete package the clothing of these men must also change.  The clothing changes to what we know as business attire and their speech changed as well.  The men in their normal clothing are seen as dangerous and not suitable for society.  In order to pass and be accepted in society the men had to discard their chains, and baggy clothing.  The baggy clothing they wore is often associated with a lower economic and education status.  This is interesting to consider when we see individuals who wear clothing that isoutside of the norm.  Certain clothing is safe while others are viewed as dangerous.


7 thoughts on “Response to G’s to Gents

  1. Though i am opposed to allowing clothing to indicate a certain social standing or economic standing , I do believe that as a person evolves and their ideals, customs, attitudes and beliefs evolves, consequently their clothing choices are going to evolve as well. And this is the exact strategy utilized in the show from G’s to gents. The “thugs’ are pushed, or even forced to participate in society a certain way and that way includes their dressing.I do not belief it is ideal to single out clothing as the only factor which changes in the process of one’s assimilation. At the same time, these men are taught to dress and speak in a certain way because that demeanor notates that these men are attempting to fit into society and not remain on the outskirts. I am all for individuality and despise the message that one has to look a certain way to obtain a certain goal.But i am a proponent of maturation, whether it be in clothing or ideals.

  2. Reading this made me recognize that I do vaguely remember this show due to Fonzworth Bentley as he is a very distant individual. His style appeared to be unique at the time he came about which made sense for the timing of the show. When I think of how the men of G’s of Gents are dressed it reminds me of the zoot suit era as they were worn in a more rebellious fashion. However the difference I seem to believe is that how “thugs” are dressed are due to wanting to look tough and those who wore the zoot suits were being rebellious at a time when the country was in need. People believed the zoot suit fabrics should be used to aid the war instead. Regardless each other these styles are about individuality and creating a certain image towards the world.

    I believe the idea of G’s of Gents is awesome if one looks at it in the eyes that was noted above about maturation however it seems like the show is really focusing on something else. The fact these men were taught how to speak is a bit absurd. I understand clothing and manners to make them seem presentable and honestly I believe those two things can get one far. Picking at one’s speech is a whole different ball park. Watching Modern Family this past week one of the characters was criticized over her accent. She then changed it as she felt insecure and not accepted by the family. In the end the message was that they loved her for who she was and her mispronunciation of many words did not matter. It was unfair to pick on her just as it is to for these men.

    Besides how I feel about the change of speech I believe that these men should be entitled to dress as they want. Instead of changing them to be completely like society why not dress them to similar to society with a flare of their own? It’s possible to do but it is interesting that changing clothing can mean so much.

  3. I believe that clothing has always been used as a form of identification. That was obvious in the Tarlo reading about Ganhdi. It is interesting that television networks use try to change a person by first changing their clothes. That even takes place on America’s Next Top Model. The models are given makeovers in the beginning of the show and these makeovers are supposed to help the models be better models. I think that from the Tarlo reading on Ganhdi we can also conclude that just because people identify others by their clothing and appearance, it does not define the person.

  4. I didn’t even think about how America’s Next Top Model plays into this role of “how to dress” as well. I do believe it’s necessary to somewhat conform to these ideas because when trying to enter new worlds like getting a new job or like ANTM, to be a model, there are already things set into place that would take much more work removing those standards than just agreeing with them. Top Model has the competing women look more “model-like” by dressing more simply. From watching so many shows, and being within the modeling industry, I’d say a prefect casting call outfit would include form-fitting clothing, simple colors, and little to no make-up. In reference to the MTV show “Gs to Gents”, I do believe with one of the above comments stating that a person’s dress evolves as they change as a person.

  5. In today’s day and age, we have found ourselves to be fixated on other people’s style of dressing. The television show craze of trying to ‘reinvent’ a person has become so saturated that I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll stick to From G’s to Gents. I remember watching this show and saying to myself, “Every last stereotype they could have used, they did.” Many of the men on that show were pictured as degenerate, un-abiding citizens who were as far away from the professional world as possible. Everything about these men was made to be unappealing, but Mr. Bentley would be there to save the day with the “appropriate” attire to be active participants of society. Interestingly enough, at the end of the show, the men with these makeovers, inside and out, ended up looking and acting like Fonzworth Bentley himself. I do understand this concept for careers, such as modeling, where everything is based off of how one looks and if they fit the model mold. However, for this show and many others, all personality is stripped from a person on the route to making them “better”. I won’t argue that perhaps some of these men might have preferred the new version of themselves, but somewhere along the lines, one of the men or more had to have liked who he was before the show. Ghandi did his own thing and didn’t want people looking into it, but they did. People become fearful when they cannot sum up a person quickly, and the unknown is terrifying. So we struggle to re-organize people into what we see fit and comforting to us. Of course these men could have kind souls and good hearts and be active in the world and have stellar jobs but we do not see that. From G’s to Gents likes to emphasize growth and revolutionizing the self by “cleaning up the act”, but only to what is deemed acceptable. This show was super intriguing and funny (when I wasn’t looking too into it).

  6. The show “From G’s to Gents” gives me mixed feelings in itself. In many cases, I am totally make over shows and what they stand for. I don’t believe that being on one episode of a television show can change a person from being who they are. I think that when men are seen in clothes that make them appear to be a “thug” should not be connected to particular social standing. I do think that a way a person dresses does have a lot to do with the personal brand they want to convey, however I feel that the way a person dresses shows a lot of individuality. I think in this show that taking away the baggy clothes someone wears will not take away the attitude or personality that they alreasy have. Trying to change someone to be a total package can not be done on one television episode. I think it goes to show how people in our society often will do whatever it takes to try and change a person into what they see is best. People struggle with the physical appearance of someone and make assumptions about the social or econmoic status of a person and I believe this is an issue people in our society struggle with and are not open to accepting people for what they are, and who they are.

  7. “From G’s to Gents” is one of many makeover shows I despise because of the stereotypical critiques given to the participants. Why can’t people be themselves? If they choose to dress, speak, and act a certain way why is it wrong or a fashion faux pau? Besides, makeover shows produce unauthentic assimilated beings a.k.a robots of society. These people are socially accepted because they follow standardized codes of culture. If your outside of common culture, you become an other. This is why those who wear baggy jeans, chains, and beaters are alienated. This debate made me think about the standard dress code for the NBA. When the commissioner passed a law that all players must conform to standard business attire during press conferences; abandoning earring, chains, oversized shirts, and baggy jeans, which are some elements of what is considered “black culture”. This is not okay.

    This show made me think of previous work environments I’ve been apart of. I used to work at Abercrombie & Fitch, and their mission is to promote “diversity”, by wearing your hair straight, specific body type, and plain nail color. ( all of which perpetuate European standards of beauty) I never understood the culture, so I left after 4 years of working with the organization. I don’t think people should have the power to police fashion because no individual can accurately regulate the expression of another.

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