Our trip to Mario Tricoci Spa and Salon, Pre-party, and Fashion Show

About one month ago, I received an email from Mario Tricoci Spa and Salon, asking people to enter their Glam Contest. All hopefuls were asked to submit their best glammed up, night on the town photo. The winner would receive four certificates for her and friends to get their makeup done, hair washed blow dried and styled, and VIP entrance to a pre-fashion show party and fashion show. I figured I should give it a shot, so I entered and won!
Two weeks ago today, October 19th, my friends and I made the trip to Chicago to get glammed up at Mario Tricoci. I have to admit I was a little nervous that something could go wrong after driving two hours to get to the spa. But the woman who I’d been in contact with ensured me that the only thing I needed to worry about was what to wear. And she was right because everything went so smoothly. My mom also met us at the spa to get her hair and makeup done and we all had a really fun time.
After the spa came the pre-party and fashion show. My friends and I changed from our casual attire into blouses, jeans, and heels. And once we made it into the pre-party we blended right in. Photographers took pictures of us and asked what agencies we worked for. It was pretty funny. And right before we were seated for the fashion show we took a picture with Mario Tricoci himself.
To our pleasant surprise while we were trying to find seats toward the back we stumbled upon our names taped to chairs in the front row. From the perfect seats, we watched five Chicago designers display their latest fashion. Since I’d never been to a fashion show before, and surely never sat in the front row, it was such a cool experience.


6 thoughts on “Our trip to Mario Tricoci Spa and Salon, Pre-party, and Fashion Show

  1. This is an amazing experience. I can see why Chanel said she wanted to moved to NYC! We are really moving there now! I am so happy that you all were able to experience this. I am also very jealous, but more happy for you all! Congradulations ladies!

  2. This is amazing! I’m completely jealous of you and your friends. It’s so cool that you got such wonderful treatment. I went to a fashion show once when I was younger and my best friend at the time was a model but I didn’t appreciate it like I would now. This is so interesting! Congrats đŸ™‚ The pictures are wonderful. Did you meet any other models?

  3. What an awesome experience !! Its always great to be pampered and treated like celebrity and you girls look stunning. Do you remember what designers showcased their clothing ? I am in love with that dress pictured above !!!

  4. Wow! I can only imagine how wonderful of an experience this had to be! I would have been just as excited! New York has the most amazing fashion shows and for you to be sitting in the first row for your first show is great. What was necessary for the contest? And also did you guys do a lot of networking while you guys were there? I’m sure it was many great people down there for you to meet. But again, congratulations on your experience!

  5. I can remember receive a gift card for Christmas a couple of years back for Mario Tricoci spa and salon. I actually had to travel to a few different locations until I found one that did all the services offered in their brochure. I wanted to use the gift card to have my eyebrows done for New Years Eve. The location in the mall did not offer any other services besides hair. I had a travel a ways away from my home to a salon a spa that did eyebrows. One I arrived the establishment was very nice and everything was extremely professional. There were a lot women there on this particular day preparing for New Years. The technichian that waxed my eyebrows was excellent. There was calming music and the procedure was similar to me going to the dentist with the bright lights and reclining chair. This was definately a place I would like to revisit because of their excellent service.

  6. This is truly an unforgettable experience! I remember Rachel explaining the prize prior to going, and she wasn’t sure of what to expect. This certainly goes beyond her explanation of the prize. The ladies look stunning!!! I never experience fashion week in Chicago, and I would’ve never thought it would’ve been so grand!! Anyone who understands the hierarchal system of the fashion show knows the FRONT ROW is where all the “Who’s who” sit. To meet the godfather of hair and experience a real show from the highest standpoint is every fashionistas dream!

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