B-Style, or black lifestyle, derives from American Hip Hop culture and has become increasingly popular in Japan. The Japanese show their appreciation for black style by making themselves as black as possible by tanning and they use popular hip hop videos as references to develop their style of dress. As mentioned in the video, they whole point of B-Style is to “not look Japanese”. While their admiration for black people is remarkable and appreciated (because I’m black  so I respect the love) I’m also curious as to how they’ve developed their interpretation of what black style is.  This has sparked my curiosity and I think it fits in well with many of the themes we’ve discussed in class.

What do you guys think of the Japanese interpretation of black style and Hip Hop culture? How do you feel about the perception of what is considered beautiful by those who engage in B-Style? Could it be rebellious to the Japanese standard of beauty? Are they trying to make a bigger statement with B-Style? Do you know of any other examples of this in other cultures/countries?


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