Find out your style! The new fad of the Style Quiz!

In our presentation last week we ended the discussion with the subject of the style quizzes that can be found all over the internet and in magazines. This new fascination and obsession with defining your style according to an expert continues to become more and more popular throughout our current society. There is this need to take control of your own life through the way in which you look and therefore the way you are perceived by others. The obsession with answering a set of questions to understand yourself and to understand how you can better yourself is very interesting and reflects a lot about our constantly changing culture.


This scientification of fashion speaks very loudly for the purpose of fashion for many people. People use fashion to be perceived a certain way, and instead of choosing what they think will look good on them or what they think will make them be seen a certain way, people are only comfortable asking the experts. Is this because we have started being so critical and harsh in the policing of fashion? There is an overwhelming interest in what is fashionable and what is not fashionable– this can be easily seen through the blow-up of shows revolving around experts telling other people what clothes look good and what clothes do not look good. Although there has been a lot of signals about the democratization of fashion, and all of these messages make sense, there also seems to be a strong hierarchal system still in place. People do not trust their own opinions, and therefore are constantly looking to others for help.

The only difference is that now there is all of this technology to open up the playing field for what it means to be an “expert”. Now people are not only taking cues from the elite of fashion, but they are taking cues from people that may seem more relatable; these people can be found on blogs, vlogs, Facebook, etc. In this way, there does seem to be a democratization of fashion.

Some questions to think about:

What do you think fashion quizzes say about the personality of our society? Do you think they are helpful in the fashion world, or do you think they limit us by categorizing us?

Have you ever taken a detailed style quiz-do you think the results fit your style?

Who do you get your style advice from and why?


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