Final Paper/Project Examples!

I’ll be passing out a prompt for the final paper/project in class tomorrow with explicit instructions (this will be posted here later this week). For some examples of alternate projects not involving a final paper, you might consider browsing in the next week some of the pieces found at Political Fashion and Imagining Ourselves, a project of the International Museum of Women. There are a lot of interesting projects under “Image and Identity.” You could also check out some zines, including and Dykes and Their Hair and Head Dress.

Here are some great videos to get your creative jump start!

“The Fat Body (In)Visible,” by Margitte Kristjansson

“Untitled,” by Nick Knight with Naomi Campbell

“A Girl Like Me,” by Kiri Davis

I can’t link to it directly, but consider also “The Colour of Beauty” by Elizabeth St. Phillip, a short documentary that follows a young black model in New York City — and sponsored by Work For All: Films Against Racism in the Workplace.


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